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Mr Jonathan Jones

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Mastering In-House SEO – Co-Author!

As I’ve pointed out on Twitter, I’m officially a co-author of a book called “Mastering In-House SEO” alongside 26** other amazing co-authors!

In the book I describe my adventures at the former company I had worked at for the past 5 years over at MoneySuperMarket. I go into a little detail on how we changed the direction of the on-site content strategy and used a more investigative approach by scaling what we called the “data-led” approach where we utilised the wealth of internal data to give consumers insights like never before.

The guys over at Blue Array, who created this with their CEO, Simon Schnieders commissioning this even setup a web page on the book’s official site:

If you are an in-house SEO in the UK, you can actually get the book for free; otherwise, if you can buy the book on Amazon for £9.99.

Super happy to have taken part in this and the other co-authors sections are really good reads too.

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