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Mr Jonathan Jones

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Remote Working – from MoneySuperMarket’s office to Forbes’ remote working challenge

I wrote up a new blog post on, which admittedly took some time to get to put together due how busy I’ve been at work.

It was actually supposed to go live in June – believe it or not, but ended up dragging on, which I think for the most part was a positive thing as it gave me more time to detail my journey going from office working to remote working.

“It’s an interesting time, as it puts the remote way of working to the test with companies having to ditch their office and ask their workforce to work from home – if they are able to. Having gone from many in-person meetings in the week to 0 and now all meetings being via Google Hangouts or Zoom, I’ve found that my productivity levels are a lot higher, and that I am able to get more done.”

Jonathan jones

I’ll be honest, I’ve loved working remote, and going back to an office life actually feels impossible at this point.

It might be that I like my job a bit too much, but it’s one of those things that’s really enjoyable and to do from the comfort of my own home.

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