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Mr Jonathan Jones

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Google’s Product Review Update, April 2021

In typical Google fashion, Google recently announced a bombshell of an announcement called the “product review update” on Twitter & Google Search Central titled “What creators should know about Google’s product reviews update“. This update, at a glance, looks to target affiliate websites. The affiliate space is growing and is huge, so it’s no surprise… Continue reading

Mastering In-House SEO – Co-Author!

As I’ve pointed out on Twitter, I’m officially a co-author of a book called “Mastering In-House SEO” alongside 26** other amazing co-authors! In the book I describe my adventures at the former company I had worked at for the past 5 years over at MoneySuperMarket. I go into a little detail on how we changed… Continue reading

Registering of Switching Limited – New Start Up

I am delighted to announce that I’ve registered a business called “Switching Limited”. My experience of working in the Financial Services space at MoneySuperMarket has allowed me to have a good view into what should be provided to consumers and how to provide a service in consumer & business energy switching. I’ve kept the name… Continue reading

My top SEO post picks for February 2020

I’ve been thinking of doing my own roundup of those who have shared really interesting methods in doing their day to day jobs in the SEO community. There really is a lot that is shared online by SEO practitioners – and it’s always hard to follow what’s been posted online or to even remember going… Continue reading

Google Analytics Data Studio Template Report

This time last year in 2018, I released a Google Data Studio template for Google Search Console via the native connector in Data Studio. It’s one of my most shared tweets and articles on this website, and hopefully I have helped a lot of people with it. In the Christmas spirit, I thought I’d share a… Continue reading

Testing FAQ page mark-up with Product Ratings on Google

So one of the questions I asked John Mueller in a Google Hangouts recently was – Is it possible to have FAQ page mark-up and product review ratings simultaneously? Or something like that. It is a genuine question as development resource has to go into getting structured data applied in complex content management systems, and… Continue reading

Official Fix for Chart Specific Fields in Google Data Studio

Our friend, Alan, over at the Google Data Studio team today confirmed an official fix via the Issue Tracker on when they are going to fix a bug with chart specific calculated fields with blended data sources. I’ve been waiting since November last year for this fix, so I’m actually extremely happy this is being… Continue reading

What should you master in Google Data Studio?

Table of Contents Design – make your reports sexy Add enough features, but not too many Learn how to filter reports Calculated fields & custom calculations Blending Multiple Data Sources I thought I’d write up this post as I’ve received a few queries via email off the back of the Google Data Studio report I… Continue reading