Mr Jonathan Jones

Mr Jonathan Jones

SEO & Digital Consultant

Where I’ve Been Featured

Below you’ll see where I’ve been mentioned or featured on some of the top search industry websites:

Search Engine Journal

Google Refutes Claims That Users Can’t Recognize Paid Search Results [January 2nd, 2019]

Google Expands the Title & Meta Description Lengths [May 12, 2016]

Search Engine Land Google’s solution to search results dominated by FAQ Schema [October 7, 2019]

Google Data Studio gains 16 months of GSC API data [July 2, 2018]

Google’s Blue ‘instant’ Label to Search Results  [October 4, 2017]

Google Adds Ability to Compare Queries in Google Search Console [June 16, 2016]

A post I published on my blog around using Google Data Studio as an alternative to Google Search Console was retweeted to Google Analytics’ 1 million followers:

LinkedIn [20 Dec, 2018]: 76 likes – Google Data Studio Alternative Report to Google Search Console

Twitter [20 Dec, 2018]:  131 likes 37 re-tweets – Leveraging Google Data Studio to Expand Functionality of the New Google Search Console

Facebook [20 Dec, 2018]: 44 likes – Alternative report to Google Search Console via Google Data Studio

The post itself which I originally went out with on Twitter received 524 likes, 177 retweets, and 15 comments. It received almost 70K impressions, and received 3.5K total engagements on Twitter alone. By far my most engaging piece of content on the web that I’ve released personally.