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Mr Jonathan Jones

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Registering of Switching Limited – New Start Up

I am delighted to announce that I’ve registered a business called “Switching Limited”.

My experience of working in the Financial Services space at MoneySuperMarket has allowed me to have a good view into what should be provided to consumers and how to provide a service in consumer & business energy switching.

I’ve kept the name of the business quite broad, with ‘Switching Limited’ hopefully encompassing all types of switching services available in the UK market.

The plan is to start within the energy sector, worth c. £86.6bn in the UK, and as the business grows, it’ll look to venture into other areas in the home services and personal finance pace.

You can check out the website so far here:

It’s always been an ambition of mine to start ‘my own thing’, and this’ll hopefully lead to a lesson of learning and self development.

Information available on Companies House:

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